We lost faith, in the arms of love.

It is absolutely beautiful, the music, Ben and India. 

Perfect harmony in absolutely everything.


two lovelies.


Ben Howard at Longitude 2014

by Tara Thomas


"I've known India since I was a kid, she's my sisters 
best-friend, which is kinda cool. We didn't play music
together until I don't know maybe eight or nine years later.
Went on a trip to Ireland, funnily enough, and then India
played the cello and it was just amazing."

Ben Howard @ Optimus Alive by Tomás Lisboa

Ben Howard @ Optimus Alive by Tomás Lisboa


Ben Howard & Lady India Bourne @ Byron Bay Bluesfest 2013 +


Ben Howard , Lady India Bourne, Bear Bond and Nat Wason @ Longitude Festival 2014 +


Ben Howard @ Byron Bay Bluesfest 2013 +