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We lost faith, in the arms of love.

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Ben Howard at Longitude 2014

by Tara Thomas

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"I've known India since I was a kid, she's my sisters 
best-friend, which is kinda cool. We didn't play music
together until I don't know maybe eight or nine years later.
Went on a trip to Ireland, funnily enough, and then India
played the cello and it was just amazing."

Ben Howard @ Optimus Alive by Tomás Lisboa

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Ben Howard & Lady India Bourne @ Byron Bay Bluesfest 2013 +


Ben Howard , Lady India Bourne, Bear Bond and Nat Wason @ Longitude Festival 2014 +


Ben Howard @ Byron Bay Bluesfest 2013 +

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Portrait of Ben Howard - backstage at T in The Park
Look at our baby, how gorgeous is he?!
by Emily Coxhead Photography & Design